Shocking! Carcass of Royal Bengal tiger found in Bargarh forest

Bargarh: While the Royal Bengal tigress ‘Sundari’ is out of reach of the tranquillizing team at Satkosia, the carcass of a tiger recovered from Debrigarh in the district raised doubt over the efficiency of forest department to protect wildlife.

The carcass of a Royal Bengal tiger was found in the dense forest of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary this morning.

On receiving information, a wildlife team from Bhubaneswar rushed to the site and recovered the carcass.

The prima facie suggests that the big cat is suspected to have been killed by the poachers for its nails and teeth, which are missing from the decomposed body. The head of the tiger was also found detached from the body.

It is suspected that the poachers might have killed the tiger a week ago and dumped it in the forest covering the body with clay and rocks following poaching.

Glimpse of tiger captured on camera installed in forest before poaching.

According to reports, the tiger was traced a few days ago on the camera in the forest. The incident suggests that a poaching gang is active in anti-wildlife activities in the sanctuary.

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