Shocking! No earthing system in Odisha capital temples

Bhubaneswar: While the government is taking initiatives to preserve Odisha’s rich heritage and culture, not a single shrine in temple city Bhubaneswar has lightning arrester earthing system except Lingaraj temple.

Amidst several casualties in lightning strike reported from across the state, the ancient temples describing the rich art and culture of Odisha are existing without having safety system.

According to Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), there are 11 temples in Bhubaneswar under Odisha State Archaeology, 23 under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and six heritage places in the city. Except Lingaraj temple, there is no earthing system in other ancient temples in Bhubaneswar.

Even as the ASI and State archeology department are spending crores for safety, preservation and maintenance of the temples, the ancient heritage is likely to be destroyed as there is no earthing system installed in the temples so far.

However, the Lingaraj temple, which is only shrine with earthing system, is not safe from the lightning strike.

Source said that the earthing system in Lord Shiva temple lies incomplete.

Although, the earthing wire covers entire temple, it is not connected to the main earthing on the ground.

As the wire is disconnected with main earthing due to floor work of temple in the past one and half year, the shrine is prone to lightning strike, alleged the servitors.

However, the temple will have advanced earthing system to arrest the lightning, the ASI source said.

A special power station machine will be installed in the temple’s top and base to examine the functioning of earthing. Later, new earthing will be installed in the temple, he added.

Meanwhile, the condition of other centuries old temples including Bhaskareswar, Kapileswar, Brahmeswar, Nabakeswar, Rameswar, Megheswar, Bakreswar, Boital, Chitrakarini, Sisireswar, Mukteswar, Parashurameswar, Rajarani, Sidheswar, Tirtheswar, Ekamreswar, Taleswar, Bhabani Shankar in Old Town area and nine temples on premises of Lingaraj temple remains similar.

As there is no earthing system in these above temples, they are likely to be more affected by lightning.

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