Watch: Chinese company builds 10-storey building in just over a day

Bhubaneswar/Beijing: Multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers often take months or even years to get completed. But a Chinese construction company has done the impossible.

Broad Group, an enterprise in Changsha, China, made heads turn on social media after building a 10-storey residential building in just over a day. The entire process took 28 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

You must be wondering, how is it even possible?

Well, the secret behind the whole operation is the technology of pre-fabricated construction systems. In layman terms, the construction is largely done by assembling self-contained and pre-constructed modular units.

These pre-fabricated modular units, after being completed, are taken to the construction site and are stacked up on top of one another to build a fully functioning building.

Sharing the making of the building in a 4-minute, 52-second long timelapse video on YouTube, Broad group wrote: “Standard container size, low-cost transportation worldwide. Extremely simple onsite installation.”

According to the enterprise, the whole process is ‘extremely simple’ and just needs tightening of bolts.


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