Activate war rooms, Centre to States amid rise in Omicron cases

New Delhi: Asking the states to activate war rooms and keep analyzing all trends and surges at district level, no matter how small, the Union Health Ministry today informed the States that new Omicron variant is three times more transmissible than the predominant Delta variant of the coronavirus.

“At the district level there should be constant review of emerging data regarding the population affected by COVID-19, geographical spread, hospital infrastructure and its utilization, manpower, notifying Containment Zones, enforcement of perimeter of containment zones etc,” Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan’s letter to States read.

“This evidence should be the basis for effective decision making at the district level itself. Such a strategy ensures that infection is contained at the local level itself before it spreads to other parts of the state,” it added.

This letter has been written to States after initial signs of surge in cases of Covid-19 as well as increased detection of the Variant of Concern (VoC), ‘Omicron’ in different parts of the country.

The Health Secretary asked the states to activate the war rooms/EOCs and keep analyzing all trends and surges, no matter how small and keep taking proactive action at the district or local level.

“Regular reviews with field officers and proactive action in this regard will definitely control the spread of infection and flatten the curve,” he added.

Bhushan’s letter also highlighted the current scientific evidence, saying the Omicron is at least three times more transmissible than the Delta variant.

“Hence, even greater foresight, data analysis, dynamic decision making and strict & prompt containment action is required at the local and district level….. The decision making at the State/UT and district level must be very prompt and focussed,” it added.

The Health Ministry today stated India has 200 Omicron variant cases, highest being 54 cases, from Delhi and Maharashtra respectively.

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