Another case of love gone awry in Odisha

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 9:

Four years into the relationship and two years after developing physical intimacy, the non-committal lover has breached the unsigned pact with his lover driving the Odisha girl to launch a frantic search.


The 18-year-old girl, Gouri Dighal, from Surapanga village under Nuagaon police limits of Phulbani district and his lover Bapi Nayak from Odagon of Nayagarh district were seeing each other for couple of years before they made up on a promise of getting married. However, the turn of events went against the girl as her family members started looking for a suitable match for her.

Worried over losing her man, she asked him to exchange vows at the earliest. Bapi, however, had other evil plans in mind. He told her to leave for Tamil Nadu and he would catch up with her shortly, which never happened.

After spending few days waiting for him, she managed to get a job at a spinning mill in Tamil Nadu.

Few years ago, Bapi got to know Gouri through one of her cousins with whom he was working at Baliguda. Eventually, they befriended and he started calling on her at her native village in Surapanga. The man used to stay at her place for almost a week during his trips and managed to get into a physical relationship on a promise of marriage.

Even then, it was Bapi who advised the girl to run away from home when a marriage proposal was arranged for her on March 2. The girl, blind in love, obliged. She moved to Tamil Nadu to work in a spinning mill. Though, he had assured her to join her there, it never happened.

Later, done with the girl, he has been running away from her since past one year and doing everything to avoid a marriage. The lame excuses include ‘I am busy’, ‘I am in hospital’ etc..

After a wait of more than a month in Tamil Nadu, the girl decided to come back to Odisha to find him. She arrived at Muniguda from Tamil Nadu early on Friday morning and later in the day reached Baramunda bus stop in Bhubaneswar.

Upon arrival, she made desperate calls to Bapi to meet her. He was rude enough to ask her to part their ways and hung up the call.

The desperate girl was crying inconsolably who was accompanied by a child whom she claims to have adopted. The curious onlookers tried to comfort her. Some even offered to help.

“The entire village knows about our relationship. I won’t be able to show my face to anyone if he doesn’t marry me. He has taken away Rs 25,000 from my little savings leaving me financially vulnerable. I can still manage with the Rs 5000 I make at the spinning mill, but I can’t be cheated this way. He has to marry me as committed,” said a sobbing Gouri.

On the other hand, Gouri’s brother fears for her life if she forces Bapi for marriage.

However, Bapi was unavailable for comments over phone.

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