Charge sheet filed in Bachan Sudha murder case

Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, Jan 7:

bachan sudha
The commissionerate police on Tuesday filed an 85-page charge-sheet in the sensational Bachan Sudha Pattanayak murder case in Rasulgarh here on September 11 last year. The charge sheet names Diptiranjan Patnaik as the lone accused in the killing of the wife of city based businessman Manu Charan Pattnanayak, the owner of Madhukan Agro Automobiles Pvt Ltd. at her Sabarsahi residence in Rasulgarh area under Mancheswar police limits here.
The charge sheet, submitted before the trail court here, mentions robbery as the motive behind the crime. It details the role of the accused and the sequence of events leading to the sordid crime. The police have slapped murder and loot charge against the accused.
While there were no eyewitnesses to the murder, the circumstantial evidence presented today in the form of the post-mortem report, the blood stained T-shirt of the security guard, the looted article of the deceased, the finger print and psychoanalysis test report of the accused would prove enough evidence to prove the accused guilty, commisonerate police sources said. The finger prints found on the blood stained T-shirt of the accused and the sharp weapon used in the crime matched perfectly, proving that the woman was stabbed to death by the accused after she resisted his attack, they said.
The strong evidence against the accused is backed by a long list of witnesses. The police have recorded the statement of 23 witnesses in the charge-sheet. Most of them are neighbours and family members of the deceased. Besides, the recorded statement of Diptiranjan’s girl friend, his relatives at his aunt’s place, the doctor who treated him at Khordha as well as his friend at whose house he left his bicycle after allegedly committing the murder have also been presented in the charge sheet as evidence, the sources said.
“We have sufficient evidence to prove the security guard guilty. We have recorded the statements of 23 witnesses in the case,” said Twin City Commissioner RP Sharma
The charge sheet was filed 116 days after the murder, four days ahead of the deadline.
The son of the deceased Rochan Pattanayak has demanded that the case should be tried in the fast track court and capital punishment should be given to the culprit.

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