Consumers being benefited from frequent raids on adulterators: RUCHI MD

Bhubaneswar: With various sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading spice manufacturer and exporter of the State, RUCHI Foodline, also faced tough time to deal with the crisis.

Here’re excerpts from interview with the Managing Director of RUCHI Foodline, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, who talked about his experiences on tackling the pandemic and shared his views on export market, business expansion plan and future product line-up.

What is the mantra behind the success of Ruchi Masala?

The biggest mantra was- determination, practice and quality. For the last 45 years, we have been providing quality and quality products to the people of Odisha. In addition, hard work and the use of advanced technology have been instrumental in our success.

What was Covid’s influence on your organisation and how did you cope with it?

Of course, the pandemic had severely impacted our organisation. All of our staff worked with determination and courage. We helped them too. We were able to cope with this unfortunate situation because both of them helped each other. We paid our employees on time. We provided staff with other assistance and necessary medication. We have strictly adhered to the restrictions and guidelines imposed by the government to combat the pandemic.

What are the plans for expansion in the future?

When I was 15, I worked with my father on this food processing business. It’s been 50 years of my life with the food industry. I have vowed to do something good for the food processing industry in the State and the country as well. I do the research and development work in this area myself. Expansion of a new unit of interest in the Ramdaspur industrial area is currently underway.

Do you have any plans to bring in new items?

New research can produce new nutrients that are useful to us. Very good stuff is coming out of our ongoing efforts. They must be good for society and human beings.

Are there any other new export markets?

Next year, we have plans to export to some countries, including the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). Interesting items will soon arrive in those countries.

How has being a responsible entrepreneur helped people during the epidemic?

During the adverse situation, we decided to serve people and supply of food was the major issue everywhere. Because no cooked food was found in various places. We have been distributing cooked food for months as well as drying our nutritious food. We have continuously provided these services and assistance through various institutions of the state government, the police force, voluntary organizations. We also donated money to the Relief Funds of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister.

What is the competition in the spice industry now compared to previous years?

Nowadays, smugglers are selling fake and adulterated goods in the name of various established companies. During the corona, their prevalence increased significantly. Now the consumers are benefiting greatly from the frequent attacks on these fake companies. There is always competition in the spice industry. We have been with people for 45 years. Their faith is helping us move forward.

What do you think about Sambad’s ‘Brands of Odisha. Pride of India’?

Such efforts ‘Sambad Corporate Excellence Awards 2021′ on the part of the Sambad are highly commendable. This is a great incentive program. It is always encouraging for an industry to move forward if it is inspired by the media. I think it is an inspiring step to honor those who are doing well in the field of entrepreneurship in Odisha on behalf of ‘Sambad’. It is my hope and belief that this program will be an annual event and will inspire many young entrepreneurs in Odisha.

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