Covid-19 infection may adversely affect sex life

Bhubaneswar: After identifying the pulmonary and cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 positive patients, researchers have now suggested that the lethal virus also adversely affects sex lives of the infected men.

WebMD recently quoted a study led by Italian sexologist Emmanuele A. Jannini, that demonstrated the relationship between COVID-19 infection and erectile dysfunction (ED) in young men. According to the study, men who were earlier infected with COVID-19 were at risks of ED and those who already had the condition, were more susceptible to contracting the virus.

Jannini narrated that COVID-19 and ED shared one thing in common and that was endothelial dysfunction which is a coronary artery disease. He further said that his team was looking for some sort of biomarker of endothelial dysfunction post COVID-19 infection in male patients for a clearer idea.

However, addressing the Jannini-led research a well-conducted study, Allan Pacey, researcher and professor of andrology at the United Kingdom’s University of Sheffield, proposed that certain comorbidities in men responsible for their COVID-19 contraction could also be responsible for chances of ED in them. Hence, more work is needed in that field for precision.

Moreover, both the experts stressed that men should get vaccinated against COVID when offered. They should also abide by COVID norms and keep their face masks on and maintain social distancing whenever outdoors.


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