Deve Gowda’s daughter-in-law’s outburst at biker: Rs 1.5 cr car worth more than your life

Mysuru/Belagavi: The video of Bhavani Revanna, the daughter-in-law of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, berating a bike rider for colliding with her luxury car went viral on social media on Monday.

Bhavani’s outburst that her Rs 1.5 crore car was more important than the bike rider’s life, and her other heartless comments have been criticised by people across the state.

In response to the incident in Belagavi Suvarna Soudha, JD(S) MLA and former minister HD Revanna, Bhavani’s husband, apologised for his wife’s remarks.

He stated, “I apologise if anyone is hurt by Bhavani’s words. She reacted in a fit of rage as her friend’s car was damaged. Bhavani has never hurt anyone in her life.”

The video footage shows an enraged Bhavani confronting the injured bike rider who collided with the luxury car she was traveling in. Addressing the bike rider, she stated, “If you wanted to die, you should have gone under the bus. You wanted my car to die.”

She is seen shouting, “Stop bothering about dying, man. What about my Rs 1.5 crore car?”

The incident occurred near Saligram Village in KR Nagar taluk of Mysuru district last week. When people tried to pacify her, Bhavani insisted that “whoever wanted to negotiate should first give Rs 50 lakh and then talk.”

The video, which went viral on Monday, drew criticism for Bhavani’s outburst and raised questions about the behaviour of the Deve Gowda family towards the public.


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