Dhauli Peace Pagoda Chief Monk passes away

Bhubaneswar: The Chief Monk of the Dhauli Peace Pagoda Rev Kazuo Yoda passed away at Kobe Temple following a brief illness on December 12. He was 65.

Rev Yoda, who was the resident monk of the Dhauli Peace Pagoda for more than three decade,  had come to Bhubaneswar along with his Guru Rev Fuji in 1971, when he was only 15-years-old. He had been living at Dhauli Peace Pagoda since then. He was a reformist monk, who was highly respected for being able to combine and balance Buddhist learning with meditation practices.

A memorial prayer meet was held at the Maha Bodhi Society of India’s Bhubaneswar Centre yesterday.

Mahabodhi Society of India President Dr Bimalendu Mohanty said Rev Yoda was one of the great Buddhist masters of meditation who lived a hermit-like life. Historian Anil Dhir, a friend of Rev Yoda said he had led a reclusive life at Buddha Temple at the base of Dhauli Hills with his dogs for company. Dhir said Yoda had also set up a school. He will be greatly missed by his students and all those, who are grateful for his teachings.


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