Here’s Traffic Advisory in Odisha’s Puri for Ratha Jatra

Puri: Traffic Advisory has been issued for Odisha’s Puri by the district police in view of the annual Ratha Jatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings on July 14.

The restrictions will be imposed from midnight on Ratha Jatra & Bahuda and from 12 noon on Suna Besha. On the day of Ratha Jatra, no vehicle, except emergency ones, will be allowed to come to Bada Danda from any lane or by-lane.

Here’s the Traffic Advisory in detail:

1. Inter-State Tourist Buses, Reserve Buses etc. coming on NH-316 (13.07.2018 to 25.07.2018):

• During this period all the Inter-State Tourist Buses, Tourist Buses within the State and Reserve Buses coming on NH-316 towards Puri will stop and park at Malatipatpur Bus Stand. Their return will be on the same route via Satyabadi, Pipili, and Uttara.
• Once Malatipatpur parking is filled up, the above category buses will be diverted to Horticulture Farm via ROB.

2. Tourist Buses, Reserve Buses etc.coming from Konark side (13.07.2018 to 25.07.2018):

• The Reserve Tourist Buses coming from Konark side will be allowed up to Horticulture Farm.
• During their return journey these vehicles will avail NH-316 via Balighat, Harekrushnapur, Satyabadi,Pipili and Uttara crossing or may avail the way towards Bhubaneswar via Konark.

3. Regular Passenger Buses Coming from Bhubaneswar side:

From 13.07.2018, 12.00midnight the local passenger carrying Buses/ Canters/ City D.T.S and OSRTC buses will not be allowed to come to Municipality Bus Stand, Puri. All these regular passenger carrying buses coming on NH-316 will be allowed up to Talabania Temporary Bus Stand via Malatipatpur ROB, Toshali Sands and Grid Station Chhak.

From Talabania Temporary Bus Stand, Central School Chhak,Bhudan Chhak,Grid Station Chhak, Balighat, Gopalpur, Samangara & Biraharekrushnapur Bazar on NH-316 to their respective destinations.

NB: All regular passenger carrying buses must carry the passes issued to them for Car Festival, 2018 or else they will not be allowed beyond Malatipatpur. Nodal Officer Traffic will ensure issue of passes to the regular passenger buses including buses of OSRTC and DTS.

4. Regular Passenger Buses coming from Brahmagiri side: (13.07.2018 to 25.07.2018):

• All regular passenger buses coming from Brahmagiri side will ply upto Mangala Ghat Flourish India Parking Place and make to and fro trips from that Parking Place towards Brahmagiri.

5. Regular Passenger Buses coming from Konark side:

• The regular passenger carrying buses coming from Konark side will be diverted to Talabania Parking Place via Grid Station Crossing and will return in the same route.

6. Light Vehicles including Auto Rickshaws – Inflow and Outflow from Bhubaneswar Side:

• The light vehicles coming to Puri on NH-316 will be diverted from Malatipatpur ROB to Grid Station via Nilachal Link and then to ITI Parking via Bhudan Chhak, Talabania, Indoor Stadium and ITI Chhak.

• When the ITI parking will be filled up, the light vehicles will be parked in the Indoor Stadium followed by the Parking Places at Bhudan Chhak and Talabania P.S.

• All the light vehicles will return from their respective Parking Places via Central School Grid Station Chhak and Balighat, Gopalapur, Samangara, Biraharekrushnapur Villages to NH-316 (Puri-Bhubaneswar).

• In case of congestion on NH 316 all the light vehicles will be diverted from Grid Station Chhak via Balighai- Nagapur – Gop – Nimapara – Pipili.

7. Light Vehicles including auto rickshaws- Inflow and Outflow from Konark Side:

• The route for light vehicles coming from Konark side will avail the same route for to & fro. When the vehicles reach Toshali Sands Crossing on Marine Drive Road, they will be allowed to the ITI parking place and then to the Parking Place in front of Talabania P.S. on first come first serve basis.
• They will return to Konark via Grid Station Chhak, Baliguali, Nagapatana and Toshali Sands on Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road.

8. Light Vehicles including Auto rikshaws – Inflow and Outflow from Bramhagiri Side:

• The light vehicles coming from Brahmagiri side to Puri will be diverted from Mangalaghat Chhak to the Flourish India Parking Place close to Mangalaghat Chhak.
• For return journey they will avail the same route.

9. Light Vehicles of Pass Holders:

• The light vehicles having car passes coming on NH 316 will be allowed to enter Puri Town via Biraharekrushnapur Bazar- Charinala- Atharnala- Hospital Crossing- Subash Bose Chak – Harihar Chhak in Sea beach Road up to Hans Coco-palm – Lokanath Road. They will proceed for parking around Lokanath Temple and Chhappan Chhak.
• When these Parking Places will be filled up, these vehicles will be parked at Yatrika.
• These vehicles can also park in Zilla School and S.C.S.College Parkings.
• In case of congestion at Hospital Crossing, the above vehicles will be diverted from Malatipatpur via ROB to enter Puri Town via Grid Station Chhak- Bhudan Chhak- Talabania- ITI Chhak- CT Road to the Parking Places meant for Pass Holders via Subash Bose Chhak.
• The escorted VIP vehicles will be allowed up to Gadadhar High School Parking Place only.
• The vehicles of the Hon’ble Governor, Hon’ble C.M. and Hon’ble Chief Justice, Orissa High Court will be allowed beyond Gadadhara High School upto Uttar Dwar.
• The car pass and VIP vehicles of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack will return from VIP parking place through Brushab Chhak, Lokanath Road, Hotel Chariot, new Puri-by-pass road, Mangalaghat, Batagaon on NH-316.
• In case the road between Sterling Resort and Mangalaghat is found congested, these vehicles will return to BBSR side via Coco Palm, Chaitanya Chhak, Subash Bose Chhak, C.T.Road, Talabania, Grid Station Chhak, Balighat, Biraharekrushnapur and NH-316.
• The dead body carrying vehicle with one more accompanying vehicle can only be allowed upto swargadwar in the same route which has been earmarked for the pass holder light vehicle and will return as per the route prescribed for pass holders.

10. Two Wheelers coming from Bhubaneswar Side:
• Two wheelers coming on NH-316 will be diverted from Batagoan Crossing on Puri Bypass up to Mangalghat Crossing and then to Jagannath Ballav Parking space for parking through exit gate via Gokhasahi, Masani Chandi,Devigada and Souchalaya.
• If this Parking Place is filled up, all the two wheelers will be allowed to park at Masani Chandi Parking Space near Gokhasahi.
• In case the parking place of Masani Chandi is filled up, then the Two wheelers will be parked in one side of the Puri Bypass i.e. Batagaon-Mangalaghat Road.
• In case the parking places get filled up, these two wheelers will be diverted to Shree Jagannath open Stadium Parking near Penthakata Chhak via ROB- Grid Station- ITI Chhak.
• During return all the two wheelers park at Talabania side wil avail NH-316 via ITI crossing/ Central School/ Grid Station/ Balighata/ Biraharekrushnapur/ Malatipatpur.
• The two wheelers moving inside town will park at Nilachal Ashok Hotel parking near Golden Palace Hotel. In no case these two wheelers will be allowed beyond Subash Bose Chhak crossing towards sea beach side.

11. Two Wheelers coming from Brahmagiri Side:
• Two wheelers coming from Brahmagiri side will be parked at Jagannath Ballav Parking Place via Masani Chandi Parking Place as per availability. During return they will avail the same route.

12. Two Wheelers coming from Konark Side:
• The two wheelers coming from Konark side will be allowed up to the two wheeler parking places at Shree Jagannath open stadium near Penthakata Bazar via Nagapatana, Baliguali, Grid Station, Bhudan, Talabania Indoor Stadium and ITI Crossing.
• These two wheelers will return in the same route or may go to Konark side via Grid Station and Balighai Chhak. But no vehicle will be allowed to avail ROB road from Tosali Chhak.
• No two wheelers will be allowed towards City road beyond Sanskrit University.

13. Town Buses & City Buses(Shuttle Services) :

• On the Major Festive Days, only 15 (fifteen) nos.of Town Buses/City Buses will be allowed to move from Malatipatpur Bus Stand up to Charinala carrying passengers for shuttle services.
• 10 (Ten) nos. of Town Buses will be utilised to make to and fro journeys from Rly Station to Hans Coco Palm carrying passengers via Urban Hata, Subash Bose Chhak, Acharya Harihar Chhak and Gourang Chhak free of cost only on Ratha Jatra, Bahuda & Suna Besha days, i.e. 14th,22nd & 23rd July, 2018.
• 15(fifteen)nos. of Town Buses (smaller size) will ply from Talabania to Rly Station via C.T.Road, Youth Hostel Chhak , Urban Hat to Rly Station carrying passengers upto 1.00 P.M. and exit for Talabania Helipad via Water Works Road. After 01.00 P.M. they will be allowed to come from Talabania in Water Works Road depending on crowd pressure and will exit through Srikhetra Colony Road.
• All these vehicles can ply depending on the crowd pressure. The Supervising Officer of that area will take the decision in this regard and keep the Traffic Control Room informed of the developments.

14. Auto-Rickshaw(inside the Town):

• Auto Rickshaws and Rickshaws will only be allowed to come from Talabania Parking Place with passengers up to the Railway Station via Helipad, Sadar Block Office, Odisha Bakery Chhak, Water Works Road and Ram Mandir Chhak. They will return from Railway Station via Ram Mandir, Srikhetra Colony Road and Helipad up to Talabania.
• No Auto Rickshaw or Cycle Rickshaw will be allowed to ply/park on the Grand Road or in any Lanes and By-lanes connecting the Grand Road.

• The Auto Rickshaws will not proceed beyond Garuda Chhak towards Red Cross Road, BanambaraChhak on Old Nabakalebar Road and Ashutosh Math Chhak. Further, they will not be allowed to ply in the bylanes connecting Grand Road in between Hospital Crossing to Nrusingha Temple Chhak.

15. Vehicles on Duty:
• No vehicle on duty will be allowed to remain on Grand Road after 6 AM excluding Ambulance and Fire brigade. The vehicles on emergency duty can be allowed to ply up to Town PS depending upon the crowd pressure.
• Excepting the Fire brigade, no vehicle will be allowed to be parked on Grand Road near the Chariots.
• From the time of Chhera Panhara, no vehicle including the vehicles on duty in respect of Temple Administration and Sevayats will remain on Grand Road.
• The Traffic personnel on duty will instruct the drivers of these vehicles on duty not to leave the vehicle for ready removal in case of necessity.
• Vehicles having Duty passes intending to come to Grand Road will be allowed to park inside Zilla school and Ayurvedic college campus.
• No vehicle on duty except ambulance will be allowed beyond old Baselisahi PS.

16. Battery Operated Vehicles:
• 10 (Ten)battery Operated vehicles will be available at Gadadhar High School. These vehicles will be allowed up to Gandua Chaura Crossing. After dropping the persons the vehicle will return to Gadadhar High School.
• Three battery operated vehicles will be available at Rly Station for the differently abled persons. These vehicles will ply from Rly Station to Jhadeswari Crossing via Gopal Swami Crossing. After dropping the persons, the vehicle will return to Rly. Station via Garuda Chhak.
• Four Battery propelled Auto rickshaw will available at Talabania for carrying the differently abled persons to go up to Jagannath Ballav parking place as there is sitting arrangement for those people. These Auto-rickshaw will avail the route via grid station, Balighat, Biraharekrushnapur Charinala, Atharnala , Jatia Baba Chhak and will exit gate of Jagannath Ballav parking place and will return via same route.

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