Jaundice outbreak in Odisha capital: CP chief visits police barrack

Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, Feb 19:

Twin City Commissioner of Police Dr RP Sharma today inspected the Reserve Police Barrack located opposite of the Kalinga Stadium in the Odisha capital where nearly 80 policemen are reportedly afflicted by jaundice.

Reserve Police BarrackDuring a meeting with the office-bearers of the Barrack, Sharma told them to take precautionary steps with replacement of old and cracked water pipes, repair and sanitation of toilets.

He also advised them to use boiled water and refrain from taking food from outside.

The police commissioner, who was accompanied by the city DCP Satyabrata Bhoi and Reserve Inspector, said the first case of jaundice was reported in the barrack in the first week of January.

So far, 40 personnel of the Odisha Special Armed Police (OSAP), Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB), Armed Police Reserved (APR) and Odisha Axillary Police Force (OAPF) including 16 traffic personnel have been affected by the water- borne disease. While five of them have completely recovered, the remaining personnel are undergoing treatment, he informed.

“We have advised the staffs and office bearers staying here about the guidelines on maintaining personal hygiene and keeping the surrounding clean,” Sharma told newsmen after the meeting.

Inside the police barrack here there are around 5-7 small barracks and some residential staff quarters.

“We mostly found that the personnel staying inside the tent in the Reserve police premises, are affected by jaundice virus. We are trying our best to contain the spread of the disease,” he said.

Admitting that there is less number of toilets in proportion to the number of personnel staying inside the barrack, Sharma said a proposal has been given to the state government to increase the number of barrack and toilets inside the Police Reserve.

Requesting anonymity, an OSAP personnel staying inside the barrack, said compared to the number of personnel which is more than 1000, there are only 20 toilets. This apart, there are no sweepers inside the barrack to clean the surrounding, he alleged.

The OST, during its visit to the barrack, found that the cook room, drainage and the drinking water pipes covered by green algae. Besides, water in one of the three tube-wells inside the barrack is totally contaminated.

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