If ‘Mardaani’ works, there will be a part-2 : Rani Mukherjee

Mumbai, Aug 21 :

“Mardaani”, which deals with the issue of girl trafficking, carries a message on women’s empowerment and the film’s lead actress Rani Mukerji hopes that it works so that they can bring out part two.


(pic-Yogen Shah)
(pic-Yogen Shah)

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, “Mardaani”, which sees Rani as a police officer, hits the screens Friday.

“‘Mardaani’ carries a message on women empowerment. It deals with the issue of trafficking of girls,” said Rani.

“It is time women should take up matters like self-protection into their own hands. I don’t want any girl to be dependent on her father or brother to go somewhere just because she is scared,” she said referring to rise in crime against women in the country and how parents “worry” when their daughters step out.

Rani feels it is high time girls should be self-reliant.

“I want girls to enrol in self-defence classes like karate, kickboxing etc. I hope the film works, so that we can come up with ‘Mardaani-2’ and tell another story that will make an impact. I also think more films like Mardaani should be made,” she said.

“Mardaani” is coming out with an A-certificate.

“Unfortunately, in our country, we don’t have a separate censor certificate for people above 12 years and below 18 years. Either we have an A certificate, which is only for adults or UA-certificate for people of all ages.

“I would love to see people, especially women and girls, across all age groups watching the film. The film will inspire girls to speak their mind, be brave and bring out their ‘mardaana’ (brave and bold) spirit,” he said.


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