Odisha’s former Athagarh NAC vice-chairman works as hotel waiter in Gujarat

Cuttack: Being elevated to prestigious position from low profile job may sound very inspiring story. If a political leader and civic body administrator will be found working as a hotel waiter, it shocks everyone.

Sahoo RJ Debashish Gyanaranjan, who was the vice chairman of Athagarh NAC in Odisha one month ago, has turned a waiter boy in a hotel in Gujarat.

Shockingly, Debashish is enjoying his present job instead of blaming his destiny.

“Entering into politics was my biggest mistake,” said Debashish.

“I could not meet my goal in politics. I was not given chance to serve people of my constituency. The honest people cannot climb up in politics. I resigned from my post as the vice chairman of Athagarh on May 15. Even I left BJD and joined BJP. But, it was tough for me to manage my family. My wife is working in a private sector. Her Rs 5,000-salary was not enough to manage family. I chose to work as a waiter in a hotel in Gujarat,” he said.

His statement exposes the political scenario of Athagarh.

Earlier, he had alleged the party of doing partiality with him.

He alleged that there was no developmental work carried out in Kantol, the area he was representing. He had directly held NAC executive officer and chairman responsible for not delivering their duties towards region.

In a written complaint, Debashish had brought everything into notice of Athagarh legislator Raja Swain.

“If a political worker wants to do something for people in Athagarh, he is not given opportunity for that,” he alleged.

Prior to joining politics, he had a shop which was later sealed by the court order. He lost his shop following which his political stint began.

He was working as the supervisor in a private firm in Bhubaneswar although he had held a political position in Athagarh NAC. However, he was bound to quit that job due to illness. Although having high level of blood sugar, his wife worked at a company on a very low remuneration for managing the house. As it became difficult to meet the ends with that meagre earning, Debashish left Athagarh and relocated to Gujarat where he is now working as a waiter with Rs 15,000 salary per month.

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