Tidal waves inundate 1200 acres of farm land in Odisha villages

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Rajnagar, Aug 1:

High tides in the Bay of Bengal have spilled over to around 1200 acres of agricultural land in Satabhaya region in Odisha’s Kendrapada district.


Friday being the full moon day, the high tides hit the coast and spilled over to the cultivated fields in Rabindrapalli and Dantiapada moujas under Satabhaya area. The saline water has poured into nearly 1200 acres of fertile land causing damage to the fields.

Sea water crossed the Maa Panchubarahi temple, long considered the shield against tidal waves. The saline water entered the human habitation in Barahipur village under Satabhaya panchayat.

Sea water also entered through the breaches that occurred last year near Kaduanashi.

Meanwhile, the Barahipur village is surrounded by sea water leaving the residents panicky.

“The village is surrounded by sea water. We fear for our lives and crops as it has transgressed into the fields too,” a villager said.

On the other hand, sea water has flown over the Rabindrapalli-Dantiapada embankment and reached the Baunsagada river.  It is flowing into the river through three points near the Rabindrapalli embankment. In addition to this, a 10-feet breach in the embankment near Gartapatia Nuapolla has occurred through which the water is entering the high ridges.

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