Toddler seeks security officer’s permission to meet aunt at airport [watch]

Bhubaneswar: A video showing a toddler seeking permission of a security officer at an airport has gone viral on social media. The baby girl walks towards the security officer and asks for his permission while pointing fingers towards her aunt.

When the officer nodded, the child ran towards her aunt to give her goodbye hug. The aunt also took the baby girl in her arms.

While posting the video on Twitter, one user captioned, “She asked the officer permission to say goodbye to her aunt at the airport.” However, the caption did not mention at which airport the video was shot.

So far, the video has garnered 653,000 views on the social media.

Many Twitterati replied to the video post and mentioned that the adorable moment was shot at the Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

Worth mentioning, in August this year, the Skytrax Annual World Airport Awards’ list ranked the Hamad International Airport as the best in the world.

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport was placed at the 45th rank in the Skytrax list.

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