Civic authorities ‘dump’ garbage in front of apartment block in Odisha capital; know why

Bhubaneswar: The civic authorities reportedly dumped garbage in front of an apartment block in Odisha capital here after the residents flouted the hygiene rules.

As per the allegations, residents of ‘Stalwart Palace’, an apartment block in the Old Town area of the capital city, used to dump trash on a road even though the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has deployed vehicles to collect garbage from doorsteps.

The BMC had raised the issue with the manager of the apartment block after receiving a complaint in this regard from the commuters as well as local people. The BMC also served notice on the authorities of the apartment block after the residents failed to comply with the hygiene rules, sources said.

The BMC reportedly dumped garbage collected from other places in front of the main gate apartment today morning as the residents continued with their habit of littering the road, sources added.

The residents, meanwhile, expressed displeasure over the incident. “There is no fixed time for BMC vehicles to collect garbage in our locality. As a result, we face difficulties in handing over trash to them,” they claimed.

The civic authorities are yet to give any comment on the issue.

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