Modi pitches for AIJS, inclusion of oppressed

New Delhi, Oct 31: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at the 50th anniversary function of the Delhi High Court here on Monday, called for inclusion of people from the lower strata of the society into the system.


Modi also pitched for All India Judicial Services.

“All India Judicial Services has been in debates and surrounded in controversy. But in democracy, debates and discussions are part of democracy,” he said.

“There should be discussions, there should be debates. We (government) cannot contribute much. Also our contribution will not help much, it is those sitting here who can contribute,” he added.

“Can the Dalits, the oppressed, the exploited, the poor, those coming from the lower strata of the society — can they be inducted in this system? We need to evolve a new system where they can be included,” said the Prime Minister.

“We have experience of 50 years. Using this experience, can we develop a roadmap? We have to collectively find the road ahead.”

“Solutions are there and ways to find those solutions should be open, then only change is possible,” added Modi. (IANS)

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