Modi should understand Mann Ki Baat of Hindustan: Rahul

Bhubaneswar, Sep 11:

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he simply indulges in his own ‘Mann Ki Baat’ while ignoring that of Hindustan.

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“Some journalists said here that Modiji’s oratory is far better than mine. I humbly admitted, saying my oratory is poorer than Modiji, because I revolve around truth and harsh reality.

“But, Modiji speaks only about his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ spinning here and there. He simply has the habit of assuring all sections, which is simply lip service,” Rahul said while addressing a symposium on ‘Social Security’ here.

“A new fashion has come up now in Hindustan that if you are patting a corporate house or any well-to-do, it means development and growth. If you talk of the development and growth of downtrodden, farmers and dalits, it is called charity and it is an anti-growth stand,” he said.

Gandhi said there was a need for industry and growth, but a balance should be struck so that the poor people could reap the development’s benefits.

With Narendra Modi attacking the Congress for stalling parliament on the land acquisition bill, Rahul wondered why Modi did not elaborate as to why parliament was disrupted.

He said the Modi government was trying to snatch land from poor farmers without their consent while the United Progressive Alliance government had made it clear that it could not be acquired without seeking farmers’ consent and providing adequate compensation.

“We stand by downtrodden and poor people. We would continue to stall parliament for the interest of the poor people,” said Gandhi.

“When a businessman sells his land, he gets market value. Then why not a farmer would get market value during the sale of his land,” he asked.

The Congress leader also mocked at Modi’s slogan ‘Na Khaoonga, Na Khane Doonga’ stating that the largest corruption was going on in land-grabbing for corporate houses.

He also attacked at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the worsening economic condition in the country.

“When we raise the question over dwindling economic growth, Jaitley says it is temporary phenomena. I want to know how far it will continue,” he added, claiming that economic growth was at its peak during the UPA governments.

He also reiterated his barb that the National Democratic Alliance government was actually “Suit Boot Ki Sarkar” and was working for corporate houses and mining mafias. (IANS)

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