‘The Conjuring 4’ may be the final film in the horror franchise, says James Wan

Mumbai: Filmmaker James Wan says that the fourth installment of the “Conjuring” franchise may be the ultimate movie in it.

Back in October, it was announced that a fourth “The Conjuring” film was in the works, with David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick returning to pen the script. Johnson-McGoldrick previously wrote the script for “The Conjuring 2” as well as “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”.

While promoting his new killer doll horror movie “M3GAN”, Wan spoke to Collider. During their conversation, the host made sure to ask about the next ‘Conjuring’ movie and what future plans Wan has for the franchise.

Wan was quick to assure fans that this is a franchise near and dear to his heart and that the creative team is very mindful when they begin crafting a story about Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“Yeah, we are working on it right now. With the ‘Conjuring’ films, we are very precious about (them). And so we kind of want to just take our time to make sure we get it right and to make sure the emotion of the Warren stories that we want to tell, and moving into, and potentially wrapping up, we just want to make sure that it’s the right thing, the right story that we’re telling.”

At the mention of “potentially wrapping up” the Conjuring movies, the host asked Wan if this next film would indeed be the last.

“We never know. You never know. We’ll see,” he said.



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