Watch: Groom breaks ‘Dhanush’ before wedding in modern day ‘Swayamvar’

Bhubaneswar/Patna: We are all familiar with the story in the Ramayana in which Lord Ram wins the hand of Princess Sita by breaking the bow or dhanush of Lord Parshurama in a swayamvar.

Well, a modern day swayamvar held in Bihar recently has taken the internet by storm.

A swayamvar is an ancient practice in India in which a bride chooses a groom from a group of suitors.

The modern day Dhanush Swayamvar was reportedly organized in Sonpur block of Saran district in Bihar.

However, unlike Lord Ram in Ramayana, the groom in the video seems to be the only contender for the bride’s hand at the wedding.

The video can be watched here.

The video, viral on the internet, features a man on stage praying before breaking a bow. As soon as the bow breaks, he is showered with flowers. Subsequently, the bride and groom exchange garlands before all rituals of a traditional Hindu wedding are carried out.

The wedding was a big attraction and a huge hit in the village. However, there are reports that Covid-19 safety protocols were breached amidst the celebration.

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