Autistic children excel in Art Exhibition

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 2:

World Autism Day is observed globally  on April 2 to spread advocacy about autism. The Zain foundation in collaboration with Ila Panda Center of Art (IPCA) and UMSL today organized an Art exhibition by children with Autism, at Odisha Press Club, Bhubaneswar.


Gargi Bhattacharya, one of the founder of Zain Foundation said, “Autism a biological mystery is a  spectrum disorder and needs a lot of awareness and understanding by normal people which should not be termed as retardation. Each autistic person is different from the other and needs individual attention. They are highly sensitive and the same curriculum cannot be shared with another autistic person.”


Autistics have highly developed creative intelligence and are superior. They have superior emotional intelligence but are unable to express in the proper way. Being hyper active they are always on a high.

This Art exhibition has been organized to showcase the creativity of these autistic children. The art teachers train them with a lot of patience and the artworks have  to be seen to be believed.


Gudu who is 15 years old has created some lovely paintings. His teacher works with him closely and help him make the forms.

Bapu  is Hypo which means he is less stimulated  and cannot speak, has no eye contact but enjoys playing with colours.  Neha who is 15 cannot speak  but creates  lovely paintings . Ryan  who is 13 years old and full of energy  dabbles in bright colours and creates lovely  pictures.


The Zain Foundation has identified three acres of land in Khurda  and plans to convert this into a haven for persons having autism with the state of the art facilities.

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