Covid 2.0 to peak in Odisha between April 26-30: IIT-Kanpur Prof

Kanpur: Even as the resurgence of Covid-19 torments people based in various states of the country, the pandemic is likely to be at its peak in Odisha between April 26 and 30, as per research-based prediction analysis paper by IIT-Kanpur Professor Manindra Agarwal.

Covid 2.0 is likely to be at its peak in Uttar Pradesh between April 20 and April 25, it said.

According to the analysis paper, at an average of 10,000 infected patients every day, the pandemic will peak in the state between April 20 and 25. The graph will begin to drop after that.

Agarwal has also shared his research on his Twitter account. Speaking to IANS, he said: “According to the prediction model, the virus will peak in Uttar Pradesh between April 20 and April 25. We have arrived at this on the basis of scientific calculations that link the infection with the number of cases and assigning a value to the parameters.”

Agarwal said the national peak for India is likely to come at the end of April and beginning of May. The cases will begin to diminish after that. He says the virus will continue to stay strong and be effective for at least another week.

Plotting a graph of cases for states that are seeing the most incidence of infections in the country, Professor Agarwal has predicted a peak date for each of them.

According to him, the infection is likely to peak in Delhi between April 20 and April 25 and in Rajasthan and in Jharkhand between April 25 and April 30.

The infection peaking prediction for Tamil Nadu is between May 11 and May 20 and in Andhra Pradesh between May 1 and May 10. The Covid wave is at its initial stages in West Bengal and it is likely to peak between May 1 and May 5, as per Professor Agarwal.

(with IANS inputs)

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