Faith in a time of Covid-19 pandemic crisis: Mahimananda Mishra

OSL employees have neither been divested of their jobs nor have suffered any salary cuts during the lockdown

Cuttack: COVID-19, a crucial catastrophe-cum-sword of Damocles dangling over the human world globally, has been lurking in the very face of mankind with kits dreadful fangs. The pandemic has not only altered people’s lives enormously, but has also forced them to fend themselves since their fate now hangs in balance amid the eternal truth: Death is inevitable.

The pandemic period has witnessed inequity in the society as the already privileged section of the rears the benefits of privileges while the needy are left high and dry.
Nevertheless, such an appalling scenario and unprecedented crisis overwhelmed various NGO’s a few sensible corporate houses and philanthropists who have woken up to the occasion of lending a succor of helping hand.

A glaring case in point is an avid philanthropist of Odisha, popularly known as Mahimananda Mishra, the managing director of Orissa Stevedores Limited (OSL) that stands out one among the largest corporate houses across the East Coast of India.

Mr. Mishra, well-known as a man with a golden heart, has reached out to the marginalized sections by means of his noble initiatives in a bid to handle the pandemic crisis efficiently.

Accordingly, the OSL Group has provided the labor force and the employees more than 5000+ PPE kits, various multivitamin supplements, immunity boosting pills, distribution of foods and refreshments during the nightmarish lockdown.

Apart from the generous gesture, magnanimous Mahimananda Mishra readily collaborated with a private health care facility so that the pandemic affected employees and their family members could avail the requisite medical attention free of cost under the proper monitoring of doctors and nurses. Needless to mention that, the provision of the emergency services and essential medication were catered to unhindered.

Such sympathetic effort of a business tycoon-cum-first generation entrepreneur like Mahima Mishra has been a testimony to the fact that humanity still rules the roust over the present mundane world replete with inhuman and insensible vices.

Mr. Mahima Mishra has been able to prove evidently that humanity and virtues lonely reign supreme by dispelling the myth that money, money, money is not often sweeter honey. Money matters, but humanity matters the most.

Besides, the OSL group has undertaken necessary precautions and strict observance of the Covid-19 guidelines in the office premises. In case an employee tests positive after being infected with the highly contagious coronavirus, all the co-workers mandatorily undergo the prescribed RT-PCR test and are compensated by the organization.

In addition, the entire OSL headquarters and the branch offices are regularly sanitized covering every nook and corner as well as official units. Wearing of mask has been made mandatory for both the official staff and labor force while thermal screening is being religiously carried before entering the premises.

Recently OSL came forward to distribute free masks among the common men and women under Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik’s clarion call for 14-days ‘Mask Abhiyan’ a move to keep COVID-19 Pandemic at bay.

Chairman Shri Mahima Mishra distributed free masks to the general public for creating awareness on use of masks in the Pandemic.

He said that OSL aims to distribute one lakh masks among the poor and needy people in this fortnight long drive for wearing masks.

OSL Group conducted two days corporate vaccination programme where 260 OSL staffs were vaccinated. The Group has also conducted RT-PCR test of 217 staff of OSL recently.

Pertinent to note that, the OSL employees have neither been divested of their jobs nor have suffered any salary cuts unlike the lots of organizations during the lockdown. Under the sensible stewardship of a magnanimous magnate like Mahima Mishra, all the employees are safe and sound. They are still on work with a secured and guaranteed livelihood despite their counterparts in several other organizations left in the lurch during the crisis.

Rather, large-hearted Mahima Mishra stood robustly as a lighthouse, a friend in need a friend indeed and ensured that his entire workforce is very well taken care of during the never-seen-before crisis.

Mr. Mishra’s night right policies and visions as well as his preventive measures have infused a great sign of relief to the needy and thus reinstate the faith of millions in has entirely altruistic act.

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