Indian Navy’s operation underway to rescue vessel hijacked by pirates

New Delhi: The Indian Navy is carrying out an “important operation” against an attempt to hijack a fishing vessel in the Arabian Sea, and rescue it from armed pirates, an official said on Friday.

“Based on input about an incident onboard the Iranian fishing vessel ‘Al Kambar’, two Indian Naval ships deployed in the Arabian Sea for maritime security operations were diverted to intercept the hijacked fishing vessel,” the official said.

According to the Indian Navy, the fishing vessel at the time of incident was approximately 167 km from Socotra (Yemen) and was reported to have been boarded by nine armed pirates.

The hijacked fishing vessel has been intercepted.

An operation is currently underway by the Indian Navy to rescue a hijacked fishing vessel and its crew, the official said.

The Indian Navy said that it remains committed to ensuring maritime security in the region and the safety of seafarers, irrespective of nationalities.


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