IPL 13: Ashwin issues ‘first & final’ warning after not ‘Mankading’ Finch

Dubai:  Delhi Capitals off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who restrained himself from ‘Mankading’ Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Aaron Finch, has stated that this was the “first and final warning” of IPL 2020 and he won’t stop himself from running out a batsman at the non-strikers’ end in the remaining part of the tournament.

“Let’s make it clear!!! First and final warning for 2020. I am making it official and don’t blame me later on. Ricky Ponting, #runout #nonstriker, Aaron Finch and I are good buddies by the way,” Ashwin said in a tweet.

On Monday, during RCB’s chase of 197, Ashwin stopped short of his run-up to warn Finch about stepping outside the crease a little too early. The incident happened before the fourth delivery of the third over, the off-spinner held onto the ball and did not complete the delivery, instead pointing out to the Australian batter at the non-striker’s end that he could have gotten him out.

Following the incident, Delhi Capitals’ head coach Ricky Ponting was seen with a wry smile across his face in the dugout.

England batsman Buttler was ‘Mankaded’ by Ashwin at a crucial moment in last year’s IPL season during a match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals. The manner of the dismissal had created ripples across the cricketing fraternity and beyond, with many former greats of the game lambasting the Indian off-spinner for breaching the ‘spirit of the game’.

Before the start of this year’s IPL, Ponting had a chat with Ashwin over the issue of Mankading — something which the former Australian skipper doesn’t approve.

After that, Ashwin came out with an alternative for ‘Mankading’ mode of dismissal and suggested the introduction of a “free ball” for bowlers if non-strikers back up too far.

“Make it a free ball for the bowler. If the batsman gets out of that ball, the batting team will be docked 5 runs. Free hit adds to the drama for a batter, let’s give a chance to the bowlers too,” Ashwin had tweeted.


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