Modi govt to be ‘unstable’ despite majority, says Odisha astrologer

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, June 4:

Notwithstanding the steamrolling majority that he has in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not have a smooth sailing reign, predicts an Odisha based astrologer.

Narendra Modi, PM  (IANS pic)
Narendra Modi, PM
(IANS pic)

Internal strife and factionalism within the party would ensure that Modi’s reign will not be a bed of roses, if the astrological projections by Dr Pradip Kumar Choudhury are anything to go by. The Modi led government will grapple with both artificial and natural dangers during its term, he says.

Choudhury claims that he has prepared the birth chart of the Narendra Modi government taking into consideration his swearing in date (26 May, 2014) and time (6.11 pm-birth time of the government), location (Rahtrapati Bhawan premises, New Delhi).

As per Modi’s oath taking birth chart drawn by Choudhury, the ascendant is posited in the Libra sign (Tula). The Libra sign, being a movable zodiac sign (Rasi), Modi is likely to lead an unstable government.

The astrologer claimed that the combination of two powerful malefic planets Saturn (Shani) and Rahu being posited in the ascendant spells strong malefic influence exposing the government to the risk of getting caught unawares in artificial and natural dangers.

“Internal strife and palpable resentment will continue in the party. Mars (Mangal), the planet of power and leadership being posited in the twelfth sign in the birth chart of Narendra Modi’s government, the government will face trouble and adverse situation,” Choudhury said in his forecast.

Modi_Sarkar_Rasi_ChakraSun being posited in the eighth house, the government is likely face difficult situations and get entangled in unnecessary controversies. However, with mercury (Buddha) and Jupiter (Bruhaspati) being posited in the ninth house (house of luck) and Jupiter having fifth aspect towards Libra ascendant, the malefic effects will be lessened to some extent, he says.

Even though Venus, Moon and Ketu being posited in the seventh house in Aries (Mesha) zodiac sign having partial aspect to the ascendant, the strong presence of malefic planets may result in the government facing unnecessary adverse situations.

Taking into the account the flow of happenings starting with train accident in UP, the day Modi took oath, thunder squall in New Delhi in which nine persons were killed and the death of Union Minister Gopinath Munde on June 3, Choudhury has predicted that the government may face such situations repeatedly in the coming days.


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  1. Charanpreet Singh says

    Purely Gupshup. No academic Merit. It seems Mr.Choudhury is in his kindergarden stage as an astrologer. Good luck to him and best wishes for becoming an astrologer in the true sense of the term.
    By the way he has to correct his English (Arish) keeping in mind world wide leadership. even the site people take care of this.

  2. Pooja Panda says

    waste of time. common sense says Mr.Modi with 336 NDA MP which includes 282 BJP MP will have no problem whatsoever. May I know from where the astrologer got his doctorate degree? Even I doubt his astrological knowledge.

  3. S Swain says

    Time pass. the site should give space for better article by proven astrologers of academic merit.

  4. Ananya Kumar says

    Most misleading piece based on half-baked knowledge of astrology

    Astrology can be best described as the science which gives more scope than horror to the native while reading out the chart. But contemporary astrologers provide more horror than scope.

    The smart article by so called astrologer Mr.P.K.Choudhury illustrates the same.

    It defies both basic astrological understanding and logic.

    The astrologer was perhaps in a hurry to jump to preconceived conclusions. The reason behind this is best known to him.

    The matter of concern here is that astrologers fraternity is badly affected by such poor reading of stars and these people are responsible for the outright rejection of astrology as a science by many.An astrologer has to be a sensitive and sensible human being, first. This article does not reflect the same.

    To start with, he predicts an unstable government under PM Narendra Modi, which is baseless and unjustified.

    The swearing-in chart wherein Libra is ascendant and Saturn being the most benefic planet for this Lagna, is in constellation with Jupiter star, moreover Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting each other creating a healthy Yog.

    Libra being the movable sign but in Navamsa, Gemini (Mithuna) is a mixed sign. As per cusp Mars is in eleventh house and in constellation with moon star. This indicates no such warning. As an astrologer with a high degree, he has not taken into consideration the sidereal zodiac ascendant starts at 29°19’11”.

    As such his prediction is like a product from a fast food joint.

    Venus being the Lagna and eighth Lord and seventh and twelfth Lord (as per cusp) posited in seventh house, does not give eighth and twelfth house result as it is posited in seventh house and aspecting Lagna. Venus in constellation with Ketu star whose house lord Mars is in twelfth (as per cusp eleventh) and aspecting Ketu. Venus is conjucted with Moon (Moon being the tenth Lord and ninth as per cusp) will give results of Moon.

    The current period in swearing-in chart is Venus – Venus period which will continue up to 20th February 2016, will usher in good results. Add to this Mr.Narendra Modi’s natal chart, which reflects Moon major period (Moon being the ninth Lord).

    Thus Modi government has no threat whatsoever.

    Saturn is the signifier of natural disaster and the eighth house also signifies the same. In this chart, Saturn being the benefiting planet for the Lagna along with the eighth Lord (Mercury)posited in the eighth house (as per cusp). This rather indicates just the opposite of what Mr Chowdhury has predicted.

    So, we can only say these disasters and accidents mentioned by the astrologer are a matter of coincidence but he is smart enough to relate it.

    With due respect, I brought these pure astrological findings to the respected readers’ notice so that they will not be carried away by such a misleading article which defeats the very purpose of astrology and destroys its credibility.

    Ananya Kumar, Bhubaneswar

    1. Veer says

      Thank you so much for clarifying things around. Your scientific approach to the subject is really appreciable. Thank you once again.

      Special request : Sir, plz make sure such articles are never shared which misguide people and give Astrology a cheap name.

      Message for Mr. P. K. Choudhury: Sir, hope by now u must have understood that “Little knowledge is always dangerous.”

  5. Biswajit says

    i was provoked by Mr Choudhury to write something after going through this article.Not an article worth reading.Five planets in movable sign indicate Mr Modi will be a popular and famous PM.
    Any student of astrology can infer the same.Mr Choudhury, you have let us (astrologers)down.

  6. Rajeev ranjan says

    What is this nonsense all about ?In 2009 one astrologer named Captain Swain made predictions about some leaders in the election fray and went terribly wrong. In the last elections another astrologer Mr Pramod Patra predicted about how Mr Narendra Modi would fare at the Centre and Mr Naveen Patnaik in Odisha. Again it was a disaster. It shows that these astrologers lack knowledge and understanding. They are true bluff masters and should not be given any space in the media. Looking forward to see brilliant articles like the one presented by Sn Nigamananda last month.

  7. Ashok Pattnaik says

    Any way how has he calculated the Data 4 Govt.??

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