Onion prices soar to Rs 50 in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Onion brought tears to consumers with steep rise of its prices in Odisha markets following massive floods in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The prices soared to Rs 50 per kg in local markets across Odisha. In Bhubaneswar, the onions are being sold at retail price of Rs 60 per kg.

While it is available between Rs 40 and 44 at wholesale market in Aiginia on outskirts of the city, the prices of onions imported from Andhra Pradesh and Nashik crossed Rs 50 at some local markets in the state capital.

“Two days ago, the prices of onion were Rs 33-34 in Nashik. It suddenly shot up to Rs 42-43 on Friday. The onion prices may skyrocket after the vegetable reach Bhubaneswar from Nashik,” said advocate Shakti Shankar Mishra, who is the Secretary of Kuberpuri trade union.

The onion prices are expected to go up to Rs 80 per kg in upcoming days if steps will not be taken by the authorities to control the price hike.

Experts said that the rise in onion prices is a fallout of last year’s drought and delayed monsoon this year. Further, the excessive rain that triggered massive floods in onion-growing states like Karnataka and Maharashtra could be considered as another reason that delayed the harvest period of onions by a week or so.

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