Twin Towers demolition: Window panes broken, cracks appear in neighbouring flats

Noida: Though the demolition of the Twin Towers in Noida Sector-93A was largely incident-free, some of the people living around the towers after returning home found that the window panes of their homes were damaged or broken. In the adjoining society ATS, cracks appeared in the walls and pillars of many flats.

“Window panes of the houses broke due to the loud sound. The blast in Sector-93A made a sound of 101 decibels whereas just 10 minutes before the explosion it was 65 decibels. After 10 minutes, the sound again reached 65 decibels,” an official of UPPCB said. Reaching 70 to 80 decibels in two to three minutes is dangerous to health. And at 110 decibels, a person starts getting irritable. It did not affect the people, but it affected the window panes.

A Noida Authority expert said that people had left after closing their homes. A vacuum is created in the house. The sound and gas produced during the blast also created a vacuum due to which the level both inside and outside the house was disturbed and the glasses were broken. There is information about broken glass in many houses in ATS and Emerald societies.



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