Utkal University will emerge as Institute of Eminence: President Kovind

Bhubaneswar: President Ram Nath Kovind today exuded confidence that Odisha’s Utkal University will emerge as an Institute of Eminence.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the Utkal University here, Kovind said, “In the next 5 to 7 years, I would like to see Utkal University emerge as an Institute of Eminence in our country. This status will carry with it not only recognition but also greater autonomy and higher funding. I am happy to note that the University has entered into MoUs with two reputed foreign universities. I am sure that Utkal University will emerge as an Institute of Eminence with a strong international outlook.”

“During the 75 years of its existence, the University has dedicated itself to the advancement of learning. It has emerged as the premier destination for thousands of students. Scholars from here have brought glory to their alma mater by distinguishing themselves in different walks of life in India and abroad. Many of its past students have done the country proud, and I am happy to see some of them here today. The achievements of this University in the fields of teaching and research have brought it laurels and it was granted the coveted A+ by N.A.A.C. in 2016. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, identified it as a Category I University in 2018 and vested it with greater autonomy for its pursuit of academic excellence,” the President said.

“I am glad to learn that the University created a park in memory of Gandhiji, called Ahinsa Sthal, on October 2, 2019, as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. That was a fitting tribute to the Father of the Nation on his 150th birth anniversary. In a time of violence, intolerance and strife, it is our duty to remind everyone, especially the young, of the core values that Gandhiji lived for and died for. This park has a special resonance as it lies not far from Dhauli, where Emperor Ashoka learnt invaluable lessons in peace and compassion after the bloodbath at the Battle of Kalinga in 261 B.C.E. The University has sought to translate another key idea of Mahatma Gandhi that India lives in its villages. The Government of Odisha allotted 67 acres of land at Chandikhole, and the University started its second campus there. I am sure it will benefit a large number of students in the area,” Kovind said.

“The other initiatives taken as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations also give me much satisfaction as they strengthen the very foundations on which the University is built. I gather the stage was set for the celebrations with a literary festival, which was a confluence of many languages. The University has also launched a distinguished lecture series. It will provide a great opportunity to not only students, scholars and the faculty but also the wider community to hear acclaimed scholars. Such interactions and exchanges of ideas make a university a vibrant place of learning. The recent conclave titled Antardhvani provided a platform for young scholars to showcase the progress in their learning as well as the richness of their heritage. In the Platinum Jubilee Year, the University has taken the initiative to involve its alumni in the development of their alma mater. This worthy move will fetch dividends in future,” he added.

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