Won’t do movies with Prakruti anymore: Babushaan after brawl with wife

Bhubaneswar: Following a brawl with wife on a street in Odisha capital, Ollywood actor Tanmay Mohanty aka Babushaan refused to do movies with actress Prakruti Mishra anymore.

Reacting to videos that went viral on different social media platforms exposing Babushaan’s personal life, the actor, who was on a trip to Chennai, posted a video last night stating he will no longer work with Prakruti nor any actress in the industry.

“I know people have been enjoying by watching my viral videos. I want to clear one thing that I had come to Chennai to celebrate Utkal Dibasa organised by Utkal Association in which Prakruti Mishra was also invited. I visited here to promote one of my films and to make an announcement of a new film with Prakruti. However, I was unaware of the fact that there was so much trouble in my family. Under such situation, I am telling you that I am not going to do that film and I will not work with Prakruti any more,” Babushaan said in the video.

“If required, I will not work with any actress,” he added.


In viral videos, Babushaan was seen in an awkward situation at Satya Nagar area in Bhubaneswar after his wife Trupti Satapathy stopped an SUV in which he along with Prakruti was heading for airport for their Chennai trip yesterday morning. She was seen saying ‘This scene has to be highlighted’ while dragging him out of the vehicle. Later, she physically assaulted Prakruti shouting, “You have destroyed my family”.

The entire act was shot by locals on their smartphones without intervention in the brawl.

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Following the incident, two cases have been registered at the Kharavela Nagar Police Station, one by Prakruti’s parents and another counter case by Trupti alleging Prakruti of supplying alcohol and ganja to her husband Babushaan. Trupti also alleged that the female actor was blackmailing Babushaan and threatening her of dire consequences.

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