Body of missing woman found 6 feet under lover’s kitchen

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Police on Saturday exhumed a woman’s mortal remains from a pit dug inside her lover’s home in Idukki district after she was reported missing since August 15, said an officer.

The body that was dug out from the kitchen was identified by her youngest son, who confirmed it to the police.

Sindhu, a mother of three, has been staying with Binoy, her lover, for the past four years after she separated from her husband.

The two along with her 12-year-old son were staying in a very small house near Adimali that belonged to Binoy.

The police and the locals started the search for Sindhu, after her relatives approached the local police and filed a petition that she has been missing since this Independence Day.

Following investigations and after finding that Binoy suddenly too, went missing, on Friday, the police along with the others carried out a thorough search at his premises, and also decided to dig up the kitchen.

Sindhu was found buried in a six feet pit. The crime and the cover-up was carried out with expertise — this became clear as lot of chilly powder was put in the pit along with the body to distract sniffer dogs, experts said.

After the body was located the police stopped digging and it was on Saturday morning they returned with forensic experts and the body was taken out.

The Idukki police, which is overseeing the operations said that the body will now be taken to the Kottayam Medical College for conducting an autopsy.

Sindhu’s relatives said that Binoy on August 10 took her youngest son who stayed with them to his relative’s house and came back alone.

On August 11, Sindhu reportedly called her daughter who lives with her father. She complained about being harassed by Binoy.

And after that there was no communication from Sindhu.

On August 14, the youngest son returned to Binoy’s house and found his mother missing and the message was passed on to her relatives, who the next day filed the missing complaint.

Even though the police came, they did not give much significance to the statement of her young son, that the kitchen of the house was re-done and they left.

However, things started to move faster, once Binoy went missing. The police decided to dig up the kitchen floor after her relatives raised more doubts.

A man hunt is underway for Binoy.


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