Innovative! 20-year-old makes COVID-19 face shields using 3D printers

New Delhi: As COVID-19 pandemic scare grips the nation, state governments across the country have been pressing for use of masks, in a bid to contain the spread.

The biggest problem that the health care professionals are facing in their fight against Covid-19 is the shortage of N-95 masks. Though the centre and state government, have placed their orders, it will take time to mass-manufacture them.

Amid the shortage of masks and continuous increase in the positive cases, a 20-yr old youth from Delhi is making his contribution to the battle against the coronavirus amid the lockdown.

The youth identified as Udit Kakar is manufacturing face shields at his home through 3D printers which can be used by health care workers who provide care to patients. He got this idea two weeks back when his mother required these face shields in the hospital as there wasn’t sufficient stock.

Kakar who is pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration, makes around 20-25 face shields in a day. He uses transparent A4 size OHP (overhead protector sheets) in the manufacturing process and elastic bands.

Kakar puts the design file in the computer software that makes code for the printer. The raw material heats up to 200 degree Celsius and it prints layer by layer to the design that is fed. One shield takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to print.

Kakar is now getting contracts from laboratories and doctors from across Delhi. These face shields are used to protect health workers from getting infected.

Transmission of the Covid-19 does not only happen through nose and mouth, but also through droplets that enter your eyes. This face shield can stop that from happening. Secondly, the shield can also reduce the droplets from falling on masks thereby increasing its life.

These face shields will also be useful for those working in pharmacies, super markets, police personnel on field and many more.

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