Odisha: Ahead of Snana Jatra, ‘Senapatalagi’ ritual of Holy Trinity performed

Puri: Hours before the ‘Snana Jatra’ of deities of the Puri Srimandir, ‘Senapatalagi’ rituals of the Holy Trinity was performed at the temple today. At 4:30 am, ‘Kotha Suansia’ ritual was held following which Daitapati servitors performed the ‘Senapatalagi’ of Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Devi Subhadra. The ‘Senapatalagi’ ritual concluded at 10.30 am.

‘Mangala Alati’ was performed at 10.30 am followed by ‘Mailama’ and ‘Tadapa Lagi’ rituals at 10.45 am, ‘Abakasha’ at 11.30 am, ‘Rosahoma’ at 11.40 am, ‘Surya Puja’ at 11.55 am, ‘Dwarapala Puja’ at 12.10 pm and ‘Besha Sesha’ at 12.30 pm.

‘Gopalaballav’ and ‘Sakala Dhoopa’ were held between 1 pm and 2 pm. ‘Bhoga Mandap’ was performed between 2.10 pm and 2.30 pm followed by ‘Mailama’ at 2.45 pm, ‘Alata Lagi’ at 3.30 pm, ‘Chandana Lagi’ at 4 pm and ‘Besha Sesha’ at 4.30 pm.

‘Madhyana Dhoop’ started at 5 pm and continued for one hour.

As per the schedule, ‘Pana Bhoga’ ritual will be held at 10.45 pm followed by ‘Chandana Lagi’ at 11 pm, ‘Badasinghara Besha’ at 11.30 pm, ‘Badasinghara Bhoga’ at midnight and ‘Pahuda Alati Niti’ at 12.30 pm.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions imposed by the governmnt, the rituals were held with less numbers of servitors and sans firecrackers and cymbals.

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