Odisha Govt directs RTOs to suspend DLs for drunken driving

Bhubaneswar: Taking stringent action against drunken driving following directive by the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety, Odisha government directed the regional transport officers (RTOs) to suspend driving licences of vehicle users forwarded by the police.

As per the order, the DLs against the drunken driving cases detected by the RTOs and forwarded by police will be suspended.

The RTOs were also directed to furnish the reasons for not cancelling the DLs forwarded by the police for suspension.

“The Supreme Court Committee has directed for 100% suspension of the DLs against the cases detected which are liable for suspension. In this regard, time to time directions have been issued from this office for 100% suspension of the DLs in the SARATHI Database against the cases detected,” Office of Transport Commissioner said in a notification dated December 30, 2019.

As per data, while 334 e-challans have been issued for drunken driving cases by the RTOs in September 2019, 496 DLs have been forwarded by the different police districts to the concerned RTOs for suspension of DLs in drunken driving cases.

However, as per SARATHI database, only 126 DLs for drunken driving cases have been suspended during the month of September 2019.

It is noticed that in some of the regions, e-challans had been issued for the drunken driving cases and police have also forwarded DLs for suspension for the drunken driving cases. But, the suspension of DLs in the SARATHI database for drunken driving is nil or negligible, said the notification.

Meanwhile, the apex court panel on Road Safety has also directed for suspension of driving licence of the vehicle users for the following offences.

  1. Driving at a speed exceeding the specified limit which in the Committee’s view would also include the red light jumping.
  2. Carrying overload in goods carriage and carrying passengers in goods carriages
  3. Using mobile phone while driving
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