‘Made in Odisha’ satellite may soon travel to space

Bhubaneswar: If everything goes well, a made-in-Odisha miniature satellite (Cubesat) will soon support the state in managing natural calamities like cyclone and enhancing cyber security among other things.

Bhubaneswar-based Silicon Institute of Technology has signed a pact with Kristellar Aerospace Pvt Ltd of Bengaluru to develop the satellite, sources said.

The satellite will be developed in a joint effort of several scientists, researchers, engineers, experts and students. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch the satellite into the space, sources added.

It is learnt that two ultramodern laboratories will be set up at Silicon Institute to develop the satellite. Besides, scientists will use the laboratories to do research on space science, climate change and solar system.

“We have constituted a panel of experts from space science and other sectors to develop the satellite. We will allow students to work in the project,” said Silicon Institute of Technology Director Sanjeev Nayak.

The miniature satellite will help Odisha track cyclones, study mangrove forests on its coast, monitor vessel movements in the costal sea and enhance cyber security, he added.

“The satellite will be placed in the lower orbit. It will be very useful in studying climate change and its impact on agriculture,” Nayak said.

According to sources, the miniature satellite will weigh around one-and-a half kg. “The satellite will have high-powered cameras, censors and communication equipment. It will collect energy from solar radiation,” said a source.

Uday Bhanu Das, the co-founder of Kristellar Aerospace, had studied in USA and he has a long experience in space science sector, said Jaideep Talukdar, a professor at Silicon Institute.

“Our collaboration with Kristellar Aerospace will be very much beneficial for Odisha. The project will add a new chapter to the science and technology sector in the state. Besides, it will create new employment opportunities for our youths,” he added.

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