Supplementary Budget of Rs 16,800 crore tabled in Odisha Assembly. Here’re details on sectoral allocations

Bhubaneswar: The state government tabled Supplementary Budget of Rs 16,800 crore for 2022-23 financial year in the Odisha Assembly on the first day of Winter Session today.

On behalf of Finance Minster Niranjan Pujari, Panchayati Raj Minister Pradip Kumar Amat moved the Supplementary Budget to meet the requirements of funds for welfare and developmental activities in the state.

The Supplementary Budget proposal includes Rs 4,934 crore on administrative expenditure, Rs 9,200 crore on programme expenditure, Rs 2,610.46 crore on disaster response funds and Rs 55.54 crore on transfers from state government to Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs).

Administrative Expenditure:

The state government has planned to utilize Rs 3,700 crore for Budget Stabilisation Fund, Rs 173 crore for maintenance of schools and primary healthcare centres, Rs 53 crore for providing grants to universities, Rs 52 crore for medical education, training and research, and Rs 19 crore for financial allocation to OPSC and SSC to conduct recruitment examinations.

Programme Expenditure:  

The state government has allocated Rs 306 crore for irrigation facility, farmers’ Welfare and food security while a sum of Rs 867 crore has been allocated for public healthcare, Rs 172 crore for empowerment of women and child development, and Rs 438 crore for ST&SC development and minority and backward class welfare initiatives.

Similarly, Rs 2,084 crore has been allocated for education, sports and skill development, Rs 552 crore for rural housing, wage employment, drinking water and rural infrastructure, Rs 782 crore for urban development, Rs 388 crore for energy, IT, commerce, transport and R&D sectors, and Rs 128 crore for promotion of culture and tourism in Odisha.

Disaster Response Funds:

Additional Rs 2,610 crore has been made towards State Disaster Response Mitigation Fund while Rs 200 crore has been allocated for providing assistance to the farmers affected by crop loss during Kharif season 2021.

Transfers from state govt to PRIs:

A sum of Rs 55.54 crore has been allocated for transfer of funds to PRIs.

The Supplementary Budget statement has been prepared with due importance to the FRMB Act and the provision of funds has been made against resource back up in the form of either adjustment against savings/surrender of additional revenue, said the Finance department.

With the tabling of the Supplementary Budget, the fiscal deficit will remain below 3 per cent of the GSDP while the debt-GSDP ratio will not cross the mandatory level of 25 per cent, added the department.

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