[WATCH] NASA renews missions to study Venus after gap of 30 years

Bhubaneswar: Almost after 30 years, NASA is going to study planet Venus again. For this, the US space agency has announced two new scientific missions that have been estimated between the years 2028 and 2030.

On Wednesday, NASA made the official announcement on Twitter with 3:16s video wherein it mentioned about the two missions ‘DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. Elaborating further, the US space agency wrote that DAVINCI+ will be analyzing Venus’ atmosphere whereas, VERITAS will be mapping the surface of the planet with radar and studying the ‘infrared emissions to reveal the rock types’ there.

Here’s a glimpse at the tweet:

Moreover, explaining its reasons for shifting attention towards Venus again, NASA wrote, “Why Venus? Scientists believe that Venus once resembled Earth and may have even been habitable, but now it’s unbearably hot and covered in clouds of sulfuric acid. What happened? DAVINCI+ and VERITAS aim to find out.”

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