10 things you should not refrigerate

Bhubaneswar:  Refrigerators make our daily lives much convenient. From milk to left-over foods, they store everything for us for later use.  But, did you know, not everything should be refrigerated?

Here are 10 things we should not store in the refrigerator:

  • Tomatoesstore them on the kitchen-shelf as refrigerating tomatoes alter their texture and taste.


  • Bananas- these ripen in warm temperature and open-air and the light slows down their decay.


  • Breadthese taste best when consumed fresh and fluffy. When refrigerated, they dry-up and stale.


  • Oil- it solidifies on refrigeration


  • Honeyrefrigerating honey makes it unpalatable.


  • Potatoes- these are supposed to be stored at room temperature. Refrigerating simply speeds up its spoilage.


  • Onions- these are again ‘to-go-to-pantry’ stuff. However, if there’s a slice you need to preserve for next time, make sure you don’t store it next to any dish, fruit, or vegetable basket.


  • Garlic- these again need to be stored in the open air in the pantry.


  • Ketchup- experts suggest that ketchup doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Tomatoes are naturally acidic and that helps in preserving them at room temperature.


  • Coffee- this does well stored on the countertop. Once put in the fridge, it tends to pick up other flavours around it.


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