Meta rolls out genAI features for advertisers

New Delhi: Meta has started rolling out generative AI-powered features for ad creatives in its Ads Manager, with global rollout complete by next year.

The new AI features will allow advertisers to create backgrounds, expand images and generate multiple versions of ad text based on their original copy.

“The new features — Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations — will add to the AI-powered experiences and tools we continue to build for businesses,” Meta said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

The ‘Background Generation’ will create multiple backgrounds to complement the advertiser’s product images, allowing advertisers to tailor their creative assets for different audiences.

With ‘Image Expansion’, advertisers will be able to seamlessly adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, like Feed or Reels, allowing them to spend less time and resources on repurposing creative assets.

The ‘Text Variations’ feature will let advertisers generate multiple versions of ad texts based on their original copy, highlighting the selling points of their products/services and giving them multiple text options to better reach their audience.

Earlier this year, Meta tested these AI features with a small but diverse set of advertisers, and their early results suggested generative AI will save them five to seven hours each week.

Moreover, Meta stated that more AI capabilities are on the way, saying that it is working on new ways to produce ad copy to highlight selling aspects as well as generative backgrounds with personalised themes.

Plus, as revealed at Meta Connect, businesses will be able to employ AI for messaging on WhatsApp and Messenger to talk with customers for e-commerce, engagement, and support.


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