Odisha issues advisory to avoid road hypnosis during long journey at night; check details

Bhubaneswar: The State Transport Authority (STA) in Odisha today issued an advisory for drivers as well as passengers to avoid road hypnosis during long journey at night.

The STA claimed that road hypnosis has emerged as a major reason behind mishaps on highways at night.

Road hypnosis is a condition in which the driver’s brain goes into subconscious state even though his eyes are open during long journeys at night.

Road hypnosis usually occurs when a person drives a vehicle continuously for over two and a half hours on a single stretch at night, said the STA.

Under the influence of road hypnosis, the brain cannot remember or understand anything. The drivers may not identify or recognize anything for around 15 minutes before meeting a road mishap, added the STA.

As per the STA data as many as 1,845 people were killed and altogether 2,048 others were injured in road mishaps in Odisha in 2023. Road hypnosis is one of the reasons behind the road mishaps in the state, said the STA.

Advisory to avoid road hypnosis:

  • Take rest for a few minutes after driving continuously for over 2 hours during long journeys at night.
  • Wash your face thoroughly and take a short walk before taking rest for at least 5 minutes.
  • Drink tea or coffee and resume your journey only when you feel completely refreshed.
  • Passengers should remain alert and monitor the driving style of the driver and travel speed of the vehicle.

“The driver may experience drowsiness if all passengers fall asleep during long journeys at night. So, the driver as well as the passengers should be careful to avoid road mishaps,” said the STA.

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