Odisha: Malkangiri DHH among 28 health centres win Kayakalp Award

Malkangiri: Malkangiri District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) among 28 health centres in the tribal district won the Kayakalp Award for the year 2021-22.

Apart from the DHH, two Sub-Divisional Hospital (SDH), six Community Health Centres (CHCs), 11 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) and 8 Health and Wellness Centres (HWC) sub centres bagged the prestigious award in different categories.

Malkangiri DHH bagged the first position and won award amount of Rs 50 lakh under “Kayakalp Awards 2021-22” for achieving high level of cleanliness, hygiene and infection control measures and to create sustainable practices related to improved cleanliness in public health facilities linked to positive health outcomes.

In addition to it, Kudumuluguma CHC in the district bagged the prize with award amount of Rs 15 lakh in the category of Community Health Centres.

The commendation awards of Rs 1 lakh each was given to CHC (Korukonda), CHC (Pandripani), CHC (Khariput), CHC (Kalimela), CHC (Podia), SDH (Mathili) and SDH (Chitrakonda).

In the category of PHCs, the first prize was bagged by PHC, MV-79 which got cash prize of Rs 2 lakh. While the commendation prize of Rs 50, 000 goes to PHC-MPV-55, PHC-Manyamkonda, PHC-MV-19, PHC-Padmagiri, PHC-Govindapalli, PHC-Metapaka, PHC-Salimi, PHC-MV-47, PHC-Pangam and PHC-Motu.

In the HWC sub-centre category, Sub Centre-Udulibeda has got the first prize with Rs 1 lakh cash amount while commendation prize of Rs 25, 000 goes to Sub Centre-Chaulimendi, Sub Centre-Salimi, Sub Centre-Panighata, Sub Centre-Challanguda, Sub Centre-Tunnelcamp, Sub Centre-Bapanpally and Sub Centre-Venkpalam.

Besides, CHC-Kudumuluguma won the best ‘’eco-friendly’’ hospital under the Kayakalp scheme in the district and received cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.

The Kayakalp Award given under the National Health Mission (NHM) was instituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 2015 to encourage cleanliness and hygiene in health centres across the country.

The scores under Kaykalap award were given and the hospitals were evaluated on the basis of below mentioned eight major factors:

a. Hospital/Facility Upkeep
b. Sanitation and hygiene
c. Waste Management
d. Infection control
e. Support Services
f. Hygiene Promotion
g. Cleanliness beyond Hospital/facility Boundary wall
h. Eco-friendly facility

Expressing pleasure over the achievement, Malkangiri Collector said, “I dedicate this award to the public of Malkangiri. Without their participation, it wouldn’t have been possible. Our target is to serve people by delivering best public health service. We are happy that the Government has recognized the health delivery system in the district.”

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