Odisha’s Sambad Group celebrates Radio Choklate’s 16th anniversary with “Sohala Pala”

Bhubaneswar: The 16th anniversary of  Radio Choklate, touted to be Odisha’s numero uno FM station, was recently celebrated with a traditional “Sohala Pala” on the premises of Sambad Bhawan. Apart from singer Nishikant Panda, “bayaka” Batakrushna Sahu drummer) and palia (chorus) Prasanna Karana and Dasarathy Parida participated in the cultural folk ballad.

As “pala” is  a part of Odia tradition, performed on special occasions like Ekousia (21st day of the birth of a child, when the naming ceremony is observed) or when a child attains 16 years of age, Sambad Group’s founder editor Soumya Ranjan Patnaik had proposed that a “Sohala Pala” be organised for Radio Choklate’s 16th anniversary.

The company’s Executive Director Tanaya Patnaik, who was present on the occasion, lauded the performance of the artistes and hailed the achievement of Radio Choklate over the years. The FM has struck a chord with people across the State for focusing on Odia traditions and festivals like Rajo, Pana Sankranti, Ratha Yatra, Sabitri Puja, Dola Purnima and it should carry on with the same focus in furture, Patnaik said.


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