This is how iPhone 12 Pro will capture vibrant Holi colours

New Delhi:  With the festival of colours around the corner, top Indian photographers on Friday said that the computational photography tools on iPhone 12 Pro helped them capture more natural-looking and vibrant images, capturing the true essence of the Holi colours.

According to Anurag Banerjee, he is still most impressed by just the main camera lens.

“Be it day shots or night mode, I tend to stick to that as much as possible.

The telephoto lens (2X for iPhone 12 Pro) can double up as a macro lens sometimes. Go close to your subject and set focus on the 1x lens and then switch to the 2x lens to capture better, more stunning details this Holi,” Banerjee said.

Outdoor shots of Holi in broad/bright daylight (even with backlit subjects) or indoors, with HDR on (Camera -> Settings -> Smart HDR), will result in much more vibrant images, the experts said.

Smart HDR 3 uses machine learning to understand scenes and apply selective adjustments to distinct parts of the photo, delivering more true-to-life images, even in complex scenes, for remarkably vibrant images.

“Deep Fusion” technology now works on all cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro so even standard shots in mid-to low light will capture the texture and detail of the Holi colours along with the subject.

According to Rohit Vohra, street/travel photographer and educator, the new form factor makes Apple device easier to hold, especially when you are moving fast and taking pictures on the go.

“Apple ProRAW as a native option in the camera app is a game-changer when it comes to photography. When you are shooting during Holi, with people around you moving fast and colours being thrown at you, Apple ProRAW gives you that additional information in shadows and highlights, thus giving you the edge required in post-production,” Vohra said.

iPhone 12 Pro has this unique ability to shoot directly in Dolby Vision which makes videos even more lifelike.

“Try using the HDR video option in settings to capture truly cinematic footage and exceptional rendering of entire gamut and vibrancy of colours during Holi,” he added.

Available as a native option in the camera app, Apple ProRAW gives you the control and flexibility of a RAW format with the power of Apple’s computational photography. This works on all cameras of iPhone 12 Pro, including the Wide, Ultra Wide, Telephoto and TrueDepth cameras.

iPhone 12 Pro is the first and only camera in the world to directly record in Dolby Vision.

According to the company, the 10-bit HDR video recording means iPhone 12 Pro captures 60x more colours, now up to 700 million. And Dolby Vision makes your videos even more lifelike, for cinema-grade movies.


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