Why PM Modi is loved by leaders across party lines, Odisha MP Mahtab shares personal experience

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, besides his popular connect with the masses and global appeal, is a leader whose care and concern for even his political rivals, has earned him admiration and appreciation from all quarters.

Bhartruhari Mahtab, former Biju Janata Dal leader and Member of Parliament (MP) on Friday recalled a personal experience and shared how PM Modi cares for everyone, irrespective of his/her political affiliations and said this is why he is regarded as guardian-like figure by many, even from the Opposition ranks.

Narrating a touching account of PM Modi’s concern for him during a health crisis, Mahtab shared that when he suffered a stroke two years ago, it was PM Modi who first called his son to enquire about his health.

“While enquiring about my health, he also admonished my son for being careless, much like an elder of the family,” Mahtab says in the video.

“I was facing breathing issues for two days and then admitted to the hospital where stenting was done. Everyone knew about it but it was PM Modi who first enquired from my son, why he didn’t pay heed when I was facing such issues,” Mahtab said recalling the incident.

“Whenever I ask my son, what was his reaction? He keeps saying that the Prime Minister spoke to him, much like his grandfather,” he added.

“This gesture shows how much affection PM Modi has towards everyone,” said Mahtab and added that this is why Opposition leaders hold him in high regard.

Mahtab, former BJD MP switched over to BJP in March 2024 and filed his nomination papers from Cuttack Lok Sabha constituency on Friday.


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