‘Will teach students at homes after school hours’

Bhubaneswar: It was a big challenge for students to continue their studies during the epidemic. That’s why educational institutions have made every efforts to prepare themselves.

Here is what Dasari Murali Krishna, Chairman of the Vikash Group of Institutions, said about online classes, the use of technology in teaching and his own institution.

How effective are online classes for students in Odisha?

At the time of COVID-19 pandemic, there was only an online learning option for the education sector. Since classes in the classroom were closed, it was a better option to continue teaching online than to completely stop teaching. Animated video, PowerPoint Presentation made it easier for children to understand. In my opinion, it was like a gift during an epidemic. As a result of online classes, 80% of children have successfully completed their course, which is why they have been wasted for a year.

Don’t you think that private schools are ahead of government schools in terms of technology use?

Private schools are more popular for various reasons. While public schools are a large and comprehensive system, it is easier for private schools to accept and manage private schools on a smaller and personal level. The student-parent-teaching community in the private sector took online classes in a very short time. At Vikash Group, we immediately trained students and teachers on online learning. Efforts have also been made to make online education accessible to students in the public sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What will the Vikash Group do after the school opens?

The Vikash Group has always been at the forefront of every situation. Under the new rules, the institution will set an example in combined education. We have improved our system during COVID. Our team continues to do research and development. We want to reduce the pressure on students and parents by bringing education home after school hours.

What needs to be done to reduce problems of economically weaker students?

The government is providing a lot of assistance to children in this category. But there is a need to strengthen the will at the government level to convince them of the importance of education. In today’s digital world, smartphones and bands have arrived at affordable prices in every category. Online education that has emerged during the epidemic has reached out to everyone.

Do you want to cooperate with any foreign educational institution?

The new education policy paves the way for such cooperation. If we have a chance, we will accept it. I have a clear idea to make our education world-class.

Are there plans to open educational institutions elsewhere in the country?

We started our expansion after 2010 and we are within Odisha in terms of schools and colleges. We will move to another State in the next decade. There are many proposals for this.

What do you think about ‘Sambad’ Brands of Odisha Pride of India campaign?

The campaign by ‘Sambad’ is such a platform that gives people of the State a chance to showcase their brands not only in the country but also all over the world. It will create a number of brand ambassadors for Odisha that can inspire many entrepreneurs to come to the State. There will be a belief that doing business in Odisha is very easy. I think it’s an innovative and inspiring campaign by the Sambad Group.

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