World’s most expensive biriyani costs a whopping Rs 20,000

Dubai: If you are a staunch biriyani lover, you are about to have the most satisfying visual treat.

Bombay Borough, an Indian resto-bar in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in UAE is serving the world’s most expensive biriyani platter and it costs a whopping of Dh 1,000 (approx. Rs 20,000).

If you are wondering what’s so special about the biriyani platter, here’s a picture for you to decide.

This giant golden-metallic plate of biriyani weighs 3 kg and the plating is a 45-minute-long process.  The plate serves three varieties of rice: chicken biriyani rice, white and saffron rice and keema rice.  It has boiled eggs and baby potatoes as toppings and is garnished with pomegranates, roasted cashews, fried onions and mint leaves. On the meat platter, there are Malai chicken, Rajputana Murg Masala, chicken meatballs, lamb chops and lamb Seekh kebab.

To give it a royal touch, the entire plate is garnished with 23-carat edible gold leaves. And the best part is, there is no catch, no challenge or time limit. That means one can bring as many companions with them and together they can relish the rich flavours of this exquisite Indian dish.

Bombay Borough added the Royal Gold Biriyani platter to its menu to mark its first anniversary. Since then, it serves this platter every day at different time slots. So, if you ever visit Dubai, you know where to go with family or friends to gorge on a satisfying desi meal, of course with a royal touch.


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