Blocked out of system in the middle of call: Sacked Google recruiter

New Delhi: Among the 12,000 workers laid off by Google, an employee who worked as a recruiter said he got sacked by the company in the middle of an interview.

Dan Lanigan Ryan, a recruiter at Google, who spent 1.3 years at the company in Dublin, Ireland, wrote in his LinkedIn post, “Unfortunately, I was laid off from Google along with many thousands of others last Friday”.

“I did not expect it to come to such an abrupt end, blocked out of the system in the middle of a call,” he added.

Recalling the time when he received the job offer from Google, Ryan said, “just over a year ago, I landed a dream job with a dream company. I was walking the dog when my recruiter called to tell me I got the role, and I nearly choked the poor pooch I was celebrating so much”.

In his LinkedIn post, he further mentioned that his contract at the company was just extended for one more year, and there was also talk of a pay rise, but he has been “caught off guard”.

Ryan concluded his post by saying, “I am #opentowork and look forward to taking everything I’ve learned and achieved and bringing it to my next position, wherever that might be”.


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