Hamas says 50 Israeli hostages killed in Israeli air attacks

Tel Aviv: The Hamas, which has massacred 1,400 people in Israel in the October 7 attack and taken 222 people hostages, have said that 50 of these hostages were killed reportedly by Israel air strikes.

Hamas spokesperson, Abu Ubaida has in a post in the Telegram channel of the group on Thursday said, “Al Qassam Brigade estimates that the number of Zionist prisoners killed in the Gaza Strip as a result of Zionist killings and massacres reached approximately 50 people.”

However, there are reports and statements of certain Israeli intelligence operatives that Hamas has executed 50 hostages and have put the blame on Israel.

Tel Aviv witnessed protests from families and friend of hostages and in the Museum Square on Thursday there was a massive demonstration.

Speakers called upon the Israeli government that they have lost patience and the government must act and bring the captured back home.


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