Odisha: Aahaar centres in hospitals to remain open on Sundays

Bhubaneswar: The Aahaar centres located on premises of or near hospitals across Odisha will remain open on all Sundays.

In this regard, the Housing & Urban Development Department of Odisha Government directed the commissioner-cum-president of All City Aahaar Societies and collector-cum-president of All District Aahaar Societies to take necessary steps for opening of Aahaar centres operational in or near hospitals on Sundays.

“Need to appreciate that requests are coming from many quarters to open the Aahaar Kendras in or near hospitals on Sundays in ordr to facilitate the patients and attendants to get food in affordable price in the vicinity of hospitals,” an official letter dated today read.

“Considering the difficulties of the patients and attendants coming to the hospitals, it is decided to keep open the Aahaar Kendras operating in or near hospitals on Sundays also,” the letter stated adding that maintenance of the Aahaar Kendras can be carried out after closing of service.

The Department asked the concerned authorities to instruct Aahaar implementing partners and other stakeholders accordingly.

Notably, there are 167 Aahaar centres operational across Odisha, of which 82 are located on campus of hospitals where people avail quality meal at a cost of only Rs 5. Out of these 82, 58 Aahaar centres serve meals at night hours. Approximately, 48,000 people get benefits from 82 Aahaar centres daily. As the Aahaar centres remain closed on Sundays, patients or attendants used to face difficulties.

Taking the matter into consideration, the Health and Family Welfare Department had drawn the attention of Housing & Urban Development Department requesting the latter to keep Aahaar centres in hospital open on Sundays. After analysing the suggestion, the concerned department has decided to open Aahaar centres on all Sundays.

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